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We all share the planet, and as such, we are all obligated to protect and preserve it.

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Southern Cross Office Equipment (SCOE) knows the importance of environmental conservation and the regard for environmental conservation, sustainability and prevention of pollution.

This is an integral part of our business philosophy.

Our Mission

Our company commitment to the environment is realised through:

  • Setting and managing environmental objectives
  • Action plans for at each department of the organisation.
  • Reviewing and improving our business processes in line with our environmental objectives.
  • Promoting relevant technological innovations internally and to our customers that help reduce adverse environmental impacts.
  • Educating our employees in order to develop a culture of environmental excellence.
  • Complying with all relevant legal and other requirements to which we subscribe.

Environmental Management System

SCOE has in place an Environmental Management System which reduces the impact on the environment that our business has on the world.

  • Recycling of toner bottles and cartridges (see Cartridge take back program)
  • Recycling of end of life machines
  • Recycling of packaging materials such as cardboard and polystyrene
  • Reducing the amount of office paper used
  • Reducing the amount of energy used

Cartridge take back program

The objective of this program is to collect used toner cartridges and bottles from customer sites using specially designated boxes. At no cost to the user the cartridges and toner bottles are then ground down and recycled into a variety of products such as fence posts, rulers and park benches.

Our product range is compliant with many standards from around the world and has both the Energy Star rating and the Blue Angel Marks.

The German "Blue Angel" logo is awarded by the "Umweltzeichen Jury" (an independent panel with representatives from many different market sectors) to products which have met specific criteria and which possess positive environmental features. Well over 4,000 products now bear the "Blue Angel" mark, and the success of the voluntary scheme is proof of the increased environmental awareness of both the consumers and product manufacturers.

All stages of the manufacturing process (including the use of raw materials) are taken into account before a "Blue Angel" is awarded, and products which bear the mark can be considered truly 'environmentally friendly'.

This year SCOE will invite you to put back into the world.

Industry standards show that 8,333 Sheets of A4 paper equate to one tree.

SCOE is offering you and your business to be a part of our Environmental Care Group, this means that for every SCOE device that you have under contract when it prints 8,333 sheets we will donate a AUSTRALIAN NATIVE tree in your name to a group that will plant them. Your business of course will have an invite to attend the day and participate in the opportunity to help put back into the environment.

8,333 Sheets of Paper to 1 tree

About Our Partner

Conservation Volunteers believe in a healthy and sustainable environment, and for everyone to be involved in managing and protecting that environment. They develop and implement programs in line with recognised management plans that achieve measurable benefits for conservation. Importantly they promote community health and wellbeing through environmental programs.